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I hereby give my consent to store and use the information given in this form for the purpose of recruitment selection processes within the Energia naturalis (ENNA) group. ENNA group consists of multiple companies (Energia naturalis d.o.o., Prvo plinarsko društvo d.o.o., Prvo plinarsko društvo – distribucija plina d.o.o., Prvo plinarsko društvo – opskrba kućanstava d.o.o., Prvo plinarsko društvo – opskrba poslovnih korisnika d.o.o., ENNA Infosense d.o.o., ENNA ESCO d.o.o., ENNA Power d.o.o., ENNA Properties d.o.o.) and I give my consent to make this information available to the authorized representatives of the above mentioned companies exclusively for the purpose of recruitment selection and employment processes.

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